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Exotic Ethics

One of the questions we get asked a lot is ‘How can you eat Zebras, they’re so cute’. The reaction to our answer? Well people tend to glaze over when you tell them something they don’t want to hear. Even if it’s good news.

Our exotic game meats are exported from Southern African game reserves. While there, they are free range and not hunted or farmed. The meat is the result of culls. These culls are necessary to maintain a balance in what is admittedly an artificial or managed ecosystem but one made necessary but the worlds growing land use changes.

Simply put; if the game reserves weren't there the land would be taken over for Africa and the worlds growing housing and agriculture needs. The money raised by Safari tourism and meat sales insures these wonderful habitats are preserved for future generations and the animals living there, making our meat some of the most ethically sourced in the world.

And if you don't like that? Well I suggest you stop eating fish, non free range chicken and most other supermarket meat because I have some terrible news for you...

more to follow...

Eco Safari

No we haven't got a practical solar power system up and running yet but that don’t mean we don’t do nothing. Solar panels may look like you’re trying but of course Safari are always more substance than style.

Our power use is minimal anyway, about a fourth of most other food traders. This is achieved by efficiency planning and practices including the good old low energy light bulb. Ever noticed we don’t glow like a UFO when the sun goes down? Now you know why.

We also use very little gas. That’s a top secret innovation on our part but I can tell you that it involves magnetics!

Ever seen us wash our hands? That’s right, human powered foot pumps and Safari designed thermal tanks. Meaning no inefficient electric pumps and heaters.

Add to that our re-purposing of old vehicles, incredibly fuel efficient driving, extremely low waste, a frugal Scotsman in charge and what more could you want? Oh yeah, we car pool too. 



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