We now make our own and they are twice as good as any other suppliers! Online sales coming soon. We select the best meats of the season which can include Springbok, Zebra, Ostrich, Water Buffalo, Kudu and many more. They are served in a soft white roll from Aspens Artisan Bakery and come with roasted onions and peppers. Unlike some other caterers we don’t charge extra for toppings, which can include any of our fantastic sauces. And if you’ve been to us before remember the cheese is free too, just don’t tell anyone!


More exotic meat. The humble chicken is a descendant of the Dinosaurs! Add to that our medium spicy Chakalaka sauce, peppers and onions (plus cheese if you can handle more) and you cant lose. Served in a wholemeal or white tortilla. A great way to get you through the afternoon or healthy fuel for the evenings festivities. Did you know it was the popularity of the Chakalaka sauce we made for these that prompted us to start Safari Sauces?


If you're worried about pronunciation just ask for “Vors”. A traditional farmers sausage (literal translation) from South Africa. Served in a floured white roll. Tasting notes: A little like Cumberland Sausage (but of course better or we would serve that instead). Our Boerewors uses coarse ground quality pork with no filler and that means it’s gluten free too.  We don’t recommend the cheese for this one but that’s up to you, however just a few drops of Safaris Chakalaka work wonders. ‘Wors gets a lovely sticky coating when cooked over an open fire. A very satisfying culinary experience.


A traditional quarter pound beef burger for the less adventurous among you. Well, if you consider 100% steak with a hint of cress traditional that is. Again served with roasted onions and peppers. Adding a slice of Swiss Gruyere makes this the ultimate Cheeseburger. If you like a bit of spice as well then try adding our Muti or Cetewayos Hell Fire sauce. You can also find chilli flakes with the condiments. We have yet to see someone attempt the Chilli Cheese Chilli Hell Fire Burger but there may be a free drink in it for the first victor.


’ll have one of them and..um...make it snappy (we say it so you don’t have to). Crocodile tastes like...well, you’ll just have to try some to find out. Here we do a traditional South African Sosatie or kebab but with a twist (in the tail). Another great experience. Quick, phone home! You’ve just eaten Crocodile!


We like to keep things interesting at Safari. We aim to do a different special each day of an event. These have included (among many others) Water Buffalo rump with monkey gland sauce (100% monkey free), Durban Veggie Bunny Chow, Out of Africa specials including the finest Wagu burgers this side of Japan and our personal favorite; sliced Springbok haunch in garlic butter, served on a toasted ciabatta! Since we’re Safari we can also whip up a special specifically themed to your event!


The African version of beef jerky? Really there is no comparison. Dry cured, pre sliced and sold in a handy little bag. Since we began we have tried around seven UK biltong suppliers. We now use the best two; Daves biltong comes from our local butcher (as do our steak burgers and boerewors) it's traditionally spiced and dry in texture. Dave can’t quite make enough for us and him so we searched the country for a second supplier and in 2014 we finally found them! We now get our wetter and flavored biltong from Barefoot Biltong (we nearly set up our own biltong company but once we found these guys we realised we didn’t have too). WARNING: Once a taste for Biltong has developed it is hard to shake. Symptoms may include: Being the life and soul of any party, becoming more attractive to the opposite sex or developing a glorious singing voice. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Marinated and lightly spiced beans and vegetables served with roast onions, peppers and Chakalaka sauce. This is traditional South African Chakalaka. Delivered to you in a handy edible wholemeal or white flour tortilla to keep your hands clean. The vegetarian option is not an afterthought at Safari. These wraps keep the Safari Impi full of vitamins during those long summer hours. We may even convert some carnivores with this one. It’s Vegan too!


Because meat free doesn’t have to mean taste free, because we care, because we can. We searched the world for the best tasting Veggie (and Vegan) burger we could find, and yes, this is it. None of that meat substitute nonsense for Safari. We serve a spinach and puy lentil burger with adzuku beans. If it wasn’t for Springbok I would eat these all the time. But hold the cheese. Safari James don’t eat cheese!


This all started because of Resistanz International Industrial Music Festival in Sheffield. We turned up with no idea of the amount of Veggies and Vegans that would be there. We are Safari, we didn't make the same mistake the next year. Our Veggie specials have now become so popular that 2014 saw us being asked to cater an event solely with our V Safari! We have around eight to choose from and our recipe list is always growing. They have included our Haloumi and Mango Chutney DroP wrap, Vegan haggis, Vegan Calzones, Vegan Resistanz Currywurst and Veggie Bunny Chow (neither version has anything to do with rabbits)!


Chips just ain't good enough, it doesn't matter how many times you cook them!


Breakfast rolls, lorne sausage where possible, wraps where appropriate. We actually cook our bacon too, don’t expect that weird pink stuff. We get the degustations line from Kath and Kim by the way.

Dietary requirements and allergens

All of our staff have under gone allergen training and can recommend foods that meet our customers needs. Due to the quality and freshness of our foods they contain very few allergens/additives. We even bring gluten free bread to some events.


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